Getting Started

View our Event Calendar to determine whether you would like to join our Open Paint, a scheduled public workshop, or host a private event.

We are open every Saturday for open paint (from 10am-2pm) and during scheduled weekly events. You can come in unscheduled during Open Paint hours and choose from our wide array of wood projects, 40 plus paint colors and stains, and create a piece of artwork to take home that day! 

Please Note: walk-in times end at 2pm in order for you to have plenty of time to finish your project by close (4pm). If you cannot finish within our open hours, you may leave your project with us and finish at a later time. We will hold your project up to 30 days.

You will come in and find your project at a table. Unless specified, you may move to whichever table you would like.

Start thinking about what colors and stains you would like to use for the base of our project. Our instructors are there to help you with different techniques, guide your decision making process, and placing the final touches on your project. 

1. Wipe off project with a dry paper towel

2. Paint base with stain or large paint bottles

3. If you have a stencil, we will help you Place stencil on wood

4. For Stenciled signs - Use base paint as your first 2 layers on your stencil to prevent bleeding

5. Use any paint for your stencil-DAB, DAB, DAB with a makeup sponge!

6. Let each coat dry completely until desired level is achieved

7. Pull off stencil and weed out left over stencil bits

8. Add finishing touches and VOILA! Your masterpiece is complete!

We ask that you throw away your trash, place unused “clean” paint back into bottles (done by our instructors), and wash reusable cups, trays, and brushes in the sink. 

A million times- YES!

We are a user friendly craft studio and have awesome instructors there to help you. Bring your confidence and remember to have fun with it! 

Yes, except for our tables. Please contact us ahead of time, as we are able to accommodate wheelchairs in the studio.

Please let us know ahead of time if you need any special accommodations or if you have any questions!

Tel: (765) 610-1140 or Email: pulpandpinediy@gmail.com

DIY Projects

First, decide which date works best for you by visiting our Event CalendarPlease schedule 2 weeks in advance! We cannot accept late reservations since we need to have time to prepare for your project. This is where you will reserve your seat and select your project. 

Next, check out our Design Gallery tab to see available designs and project sizes. Some designs are customizable (names, dates, etc.) so please indicate those details in the Design Choice box on your selected event.

Please specify which design you want since we have quite a few variations! For example, I selected a round on the drop down menu, and I want the Biddle’s design with the letter P and Pulp, established 2018. 

Add project(s) to cart and pay! We use Paypal and confidential card payment. 

We have lots of people who like to do their own thing, therefore you can order a project for Open Paint through the Open Paint tab.

Please schedule 2 weeks in advance in order for us to gather and prepare your supplies. Be as specific as you can in regards to size, font, description, etc.

If you have a photo inspiration, please email us at pulpandpinediy@gmail.com

We love to make all your crafty dreams come true! In the event you selected, please choose a size/project from the drop down list.

If you don’t see a size that works for you or have a photo inspiration, please email pulpandpinediy@gmail.com and we can give you a quote. Please note, due to lumber specifications, we might be limited to certain sizes.

Next, specify to the best of your ability what you would like in the Design Choice box. We will follow up with you for clarification, so please check your email!

In the event that we have to create a design for you, we do have a $10 custom design fee.

We use natural wood!

Due to the nature of our materials, you can expect your project to be full of character featuring knots, cracks, chips and other natural blemishes. 

We also use premium paints, water-based stains and adhesive stencils to create your own personal masterpiece!


For Private Workshops & Kids Parties, there is NO fee to host the event. Instead, each guest would just pay for their selected projects individually via a private link supplied to the party host.

There is a $50-$100 deposit required to reserve a date and then once you have 15 paid seats, the deposit will be refunded.

If you want to bring a group in but you don’t have enough to satisfy the minimum requirement, then we could slot your group into a private table at a public event.

You may bring food and drinks with your party! Please remember to supply your own plates, cups, and silverware. 

Please schedule your event through pulpandpinediy@gmail.com

Typical parties take about 2-2.5 hours long. For evening events, we give a last call at 8:30pm and ask that you wrap things up by 9pm.

In the case that you haven’t finished, we can hold your project for up to 30 days for you to complete. We can either fit you in at one of our events if you let us know 24 hours ahead of time, or you can pop in during one of the Open Paint times. 

Of course! Children are allowed at any Open Paint Day that is Labeled Family Open Paint.

Please let us know ahead of time if you are bringing a child to an event and let your private party know our rules in regards to minors and present alcohol. 

Yes! You are allowed to bring your own drinks with you. Unfortunately, in the case that there are minors around, you will be asked to remove whatever alcohol you brought from the premise.

Although we love to have a sip or 2 of wine ourselves, we do ask that you be mindful of how much you consume. It’s a difficult situation to defuse and awkward for everyone involved. 

@Home Craft Kits

ANY of our projects can be packed up into an @Home Craft Kit! Processing time is about 2 weeks and you will be notified when ready.

You can choose up to 3 paint colors, which you can select in the options and notes at checkout.

**Be sure to specify which color is the background color so we can give you a bit more of that color!

Finished Projects

Yes! For an additional fee, we'll paint it for you! Simply choose the "DIY For Me!" option and your preferred paint colors at checkout.

We charge $10 for most finished wall-hanging wood projects, and $15 for tiered trays, wagons and shelf sitters.

All finished projects are custom painted once the order is placed. The time frame to complete is typically 2-3 weeks. You will be notified when ready to pick up!


Since your design is pre-made, unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund.

We are willing to hold your project for up to 30 days, and you may call or email to see if we can fit you into one of our events if you let us know 24 hours ahead of time or you may jump into one of our Open Paint days without reservation!

Still need help? Contact us!